This pathfinder, "An Overview of Vascular Plant Systematics," is a collection of resources on the relationships between all living and extinct groups of tracheophytes, from lycophytes through angiosperms, focusing on characteristics for identification.

Introduction and Scope

This pathfinder does not include resources on horticultural advice, landscaping, wilderness survival, or historical controversies (misconceptions of relationships, redefinitions over time, etc.) but on currently accepted models. The information is designed for botany students at the undergraduate or graduate level, who can use it as a study guide on taxonomy or for exercises in identification.

Most existing pathfinders on botany are very short or limited in scope, restricting the information to gymnosperms, flowering plants, etc. or aiming the information at groups outside of academia (primarily gardening hobbyists). Since most research concentrates on the largest group of modern plants, angiosperms, the available literature is heavily weighted on one side. To counter this, this pathfinder includes some specialized resources for neglected groups and more general reference materials for the popular ones.

The resources listed here (both print and electronic) are available from the Indiana University library system. The call numbers refer to their location in the Bloomington campus Life Sciences Library, unless otherwise noted.