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Web Projects

Federated Search Screenshot

Library Search

In 2018 I built a "bento box" federated search that queries several popular databases and displays the results by resource type. Additional features include autocomplete suggestions, a "Did You Mean" feature, and recommended resources for keywords based on Library of Congress subject headings.

COCC Library Website Screenshot

COCC Library Website Redesign

In 2017 I redesigned the Barber Library website in the college's new CMS, OmniUpdate. I conducted usability testing of the homepage with thirty-three students and presented the findings at Online Northwest 2018.

Open Oregon Z-Degree Screenshot

Open Oregon Resources and Z-Degree

I worked with Open Oregon Educational Resources to build the Resources page that displays Google Form entries from instructors around the state. The additional Z-Degree page suggests open resources for high-enrollment courses that make up an AAOT degree.

PCC Library Website Screenshot

PCC Library Website Redesign

This responsive redesign of the Portland Community College Library website launched in June 2015. I developed the WordPress theme based on designs by the PCC Web Team. I also built several custom WordPress plugins, including a Library Hours plugin that utilizes the Google Calendar API, a New Arrivals plugin that pulls and displays titles from an Alma Analytics report, and an authentication plugin that uses CAS to protect pages meant for PCC users only.

Older Projects

PCC Library Screenshot

PCC Library Website

I managed the Portland Community College Library website through Drupal 7 until its redesign in WordPress. Below are some of the projects I completed between summers 2013 and 2015.

  • Developed a search widget for the library's new ExLibris catalog.
  • Developed scripts utilizing ExLibris APIs for patron authentication and label printing.
  • Implemented EZProxy for off-campus access to subscription databases.
  • Applied Central Authentication Service (CAS) protection to new staff-only and PCC-only services.
CTRD Screenshot

Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity

Common Themes in Reproductive Diversity (CTRD) is an NIH-funded fellowship for Indiana University graduate students and postdoctoral researchers. In May 2013 I redesigned the website at the request of Dr. Ellen Ketterson (archived here). In January 2017 I migrated the site to WordPress with a custom theme matching the new CISAB website designed by Indiana University staff, which was launched in November 2016.

Electric Fish Signal Catalog Screenshot

Electric Fish Signal Catalog

I worked with the staff of the Indiana University Scholarly Data Archive to create this catalog of electric fish recordings for Dr. G. Troy Smith in spring 2013. The PHP and MySQL-based catalog offers browsing and advanced search applications for downloading 40 GB worth of WAV files and photos.

Animal Behavior Conference Screenshot

Annual Animal Behavior Conference Website

In December 2012 I developed this website for the Indiana University Animal Behavior Conference, which takes place in March each year. The "Schedule" section contains links to an online program, optimized for smartphones and tablets, as well as to alternative e-book formats.

CISAB Screenshot

CISAB Website

In Fall 2012 I joined the staff of the Center for the Integrative Study of Animal Behavior ("CISAB"). I restructured the website and launched this new design in November.

Manuscripts Search Screenshot

Manuscript Descriptions Search

Until 2011, patrons and staff of the Lilly Library relied exclusively on Google to locate manuscripts. I implemented this new interface that allows users to search by full-text keyword, author, country, language, subject, year, and document format.

Vascular Plant Systematics Pathfinder Screenshot

Vascular Plant Systematics Pathfinder

I published this pathfinder for my Reference course in Fall 2010, designed to help students in introductory botany find resources on the relationships between vascular plants.


Why do you come to Barber Library?

In 2019 I filmed interviews with students and staff at Barber Library and published a video to play at the February meeting of the COCC Board of Directors.

Library Tutorials

In 2018 I created a series of video tutorials about library services and policies. The videos are listed on the Library Tutorials page of the COCC Library website.

Research Experience for Undergraduates Promotional Video

In summer 2013 I filmed, edited, and subtitled a video to advertise the Indiana University Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) Program in Animal Behavior.

CISAB 2012 Bulletin

CISAB Newsletters

I designed, edited, and formatted the Fall 2012 and Spring 2013 Animal Behavior Bulletins using Adobe CS6 InDesign.